My browser is crashing

Browser add-on crashes can, in turn, cause your web browser to crash.

As part of the security features that IBM Security Trusteer Rapport provides, Rapport blocks unauthorized browser add-ons from accessing the browser. Some browser add-ons and 3rd party software packages may require certain actions in order to operate with Rapport.

Please view our compatibility page to see if Rapport is compatible with your security products / browser add-ons. If a security product that you have installed on your machine is listed in the "may require actions" section, please click on the product name and follow any instructions listed on the linked page to see if this resolves the issue.

If the issue you are experiencing is not resolved by the above, please contact IBM Security Trusteer Technical Support for assistance.

As an interim solution, until the issue is resolved, you can try stopping Rapport:

  • PC users: Click Start > Programs > Trusteer Endpoint Protection > Stop Trusteer Endpoint Protection
  • Mac users: Apple menu > System preferences > Other > Trusteer Endpoint Protection > Stop Trusteer Endpoint Protection